About Us: We are Becicle
We are a small family start-up, based in Berlin Neukölln with roots in Charlottenburg, Berlin and San Juan, Argentina. When we moved to the area we currently live in, we could not help noticing the amount of rubbish (furniture, kitchen gadgets, clothes, tyres etc.) lying about on our streets and often remaining there for months. We asked us what we could do to improve our environment. We decided to do something instead of watching things happen.
We have done our research and were inspired by the new generation of „b-corps“, which seek to mobilise the power of the market to find concrete solutions for social and ecological problems. We started turning our mind to rubbish.
Yes, rubbish! We are dedicated to producing bags and backpacks from waste products. Our main material is rubber. We have discovered that the rubber from tyres is an ideal substitute for leather. It is robust, waterproof, simple beautfyful and vegan.
A bag or backpack does consist of more components than our main material though. We endeavour to maximise the proportion of inputs that have reached the end of their natural life cycle and reuse them with a new purpose.
We are exited by the idea that we can contribute to protecting the environment through our work, even if it is a mere drop in the ocean. We know what happens when many such drops unite. We want to be part of this river and hope that you are a part of it to.
Around 200 years have passed from the beginning of the industrial revolution. In these 200 years, humanity has used up an enormous part of the our raw material reserves and now we have a major problem disposing of the resulting rubbish.
It has been predicted that „Today‘s dumps are tomorrow‘s mines“
Our Mission:
Our aim is to produce beautiful practical goods. To this end, we want to reuse raw materials and thus contribute to the preservation of the remaining resources.
Our Philosophy:
We want to be more than a company. We believe that business can be conducted in a different way: We want to do what we enjoy, what fills us with enthiusiasm and by doing so we want to create and preserve ecological values. Our planet is important to us und we want to be part of the upcycling movement.
How We Work:
1. Material:
We look for rubbeer in skips and wastebins. The belts and textiles are new in some cases, recycled in others. We then clean and disinfect the used materials (relying on ecologically sustainable products) before we sort them.
2. Creativity
The base material provides us with a challenge because it is concave. Our design is driven by esthetics, functionality and the limitations of what we can do with the material.
3. Production
Now we start! We cut and sew the different parts, test their quality and voila! –your finished product!

The managing directors of Becicle